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Lojing Highlands is a hill village in the Gua Musang constituency of Kelantan, Malaysia. It is located right next to Cameron Highlands in Pahang, along the Second East-West Highway. It is rich in flora and fauna and is famed for its biodiversity. The place is now flourishing with huge areas of vegetable, flower and fruits

Lojing Highlands contributes more than 30 varieties of leaf & non-leaf vegetables and flowers. Lojing Highlands is the biggest “tomato” growth in Asean. FAMA quote Lojing Highlands as “Food Factory” for Malaysia

Bandar Baru Lojing is a new factory building project, located in Lojing, Gua Musang, Kelantan, Malaysia.

The project site consists of 3 types of factory buildings: 2½ storey semi-detached factory, 3 storey terrace factory and 3½ storey semi-detached factory.

The layout is comes with unique design in order to fit different customer's style.

One of the biggest advantages in this project is its huge loading bay, which offer a wide space for owner to park up to 2 large lorry or more spaces for cars.

It also comes with many features such as high ceiling floor, double frontage, wide trunk road, back lane, etc.


Bandar Baru Lojing has open surau for Muslim and canteen for Muslim and non Muslim.


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